UV-Design from Germany supplies worldwide precise UV measurement technology and custom-made products, as well as accessories and has a calibration service.

Product Highlights

Two of our latest products are the UV-Design WIFI Spectrometer (including an Android device and app for visualisation) and the UV-Design Datalogger (with graphical visualisation on the device itself) . Details can be found on the product pages and in our product overview. If you have any questions about the devices, please contact our sales department.

About us

Mr. Edgar Hoehn, born 1950 in Germany, graduated 1968 and became an electronics engineer in 1970. He started his career at Honeywell where he worked for two years on a military project. From 1972 to 1980 he worked forTheimer, a german UV lamp manufacturer, as a developing engineer of UV measuring and sensoring. In 1980 he started to work for Wang Computer and developed evaluation software. Since 1992 he worked for Kuehnast Strahlungstechnik as a developing engineer of UV measuring and sensoring.

Mr. Edgar Hoehn started his own developments of software programming, measuring and sensoringtechniques in 1982 and established his company UV-Design in 1990.

UV-Design supplies precision measuring equipment adapted to your special requirements. Since its foundation as a measuring instrument manufacturer about 30 years ago, UV-Design has been a pioneer in this segment, offering high performance and reliability at high cost efficiency. Our tailor-made complete solutions are developed and produced in Germany and are used in the printing industry, the food industry and the semiconductor industry, among others in Europe, Asia and North America.

A calibration service has also been offered since 2005.